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About Us

On the Mark Security is a company built upon proven successes, world-class services and strategic working relations. OTMS has several divisions under its wings namely;

Guarding Division
K9 Division
Training Division
K9 Academy

Our team comprises of highly trained detection dogs and handlers who are trained to International standards and conformity by international personnel and also highly trained guards whom we also take through a customer service training course. They are in charge of our guarding section.

We are in strategic relations with International Security Service Providers among them an Israeli K9 outfit for consultancy and specialized K9 training for our dogs. We provide a strategic and preventive solution for detection of explosives, firearms and other target substances.

We are ready to deploy anywhere in the world even on a short notice basis.

Our dogs can also work in hot areas. We have presence and experience in hostile areas Eg: Sudan, Iraq Afaghanistan and Mali.


To provide top notch security


To provide professional security services and products that exceed our clients' expectations and needs so as to enable our clients to run their operations with minimal effort and concern for their safety and security. We are an employee focused, customer driven company with a passion to the distinctive goals of each of our clients through quality practices and unique solutions.

We understand our clients needs are time sensitive, hence, our workforce is determined to beat all odds to deliver, no matter the time. We are driven by our values and ethics; We do it Right!

Our reputation and integrity will always come before profit. We will provide the very best services available knowing anything less could result in loss of life.

Solomon, Director

Value Statement

As a company and as individuals we value human life, safety, integrity, professionalism and team work.

Changing Lives

On The Mark Security has dedicated itself to improving lives of young people who come from less privileged backgrounds. This has helped in a way to change lives and families countrywide and also strengthen the bond we have as a team.

Our Services include:
VIP Protection
Explosives and Narcotics Detection
Guarding Services
Security Consultancy
Threat & Risk Assessment
Emergency Management Planning
Event Security
Event CCTV Surveillance
Security Training


    "The war on terror is having an effective impact on terrorist organizations, (ICT conference conclusion). In spite of this, potential terror is here to stay as part of our foreseeable existence. The terrorists are waiting patiently for us to lower our guard in order to strike and rejuvenate their existence, biding their time, studying the chinks in our armor, working on developing/re-developing their operational resources in order to strike effectively."

    Mike Herstik,

    International K-9 Consultant to qualified law enforcement, military, and governmental agencies

Groove Tours & Party

We facilitated and conducted car searches at all entry points and bomb sweeps in the entire Kasarani Sports Complex.

1st Lady's beyond Zero Marathon

Event security and conducting of bomb sweeps and car searches at all entry points before the commencement of the event

Safaricom 7s Rugby Tournament

In sports events, security is always a main challenge. In this job, our team conducted thorough car checks and also did bomb sweeps to ensure maximum security.

Jameson Live Party - Nairobi

Our team conducted thorough bomb sweeps, car searches and contraband searches to ensure that all aspects of security for the event we covered.