Event Security

We are professional, Fearless & Intelligence driven!

Counter-Terrorist Security For Large Scale Events

We provide counter-terrorist specific security for major events in major cities. We custom design each security plan for each specific event to reduce overall risk of a successful terrorist attack being carried out in your Event

Our Israeli-trained security team can provide a proper on-site vulnerability assessment with expertise in specifically dealing with terrorism attacks involving the use of explosives as well as active shooter type incidences that are focused at targeting mass crowds.

We will team with you and your organization to weave together a proper multi-layered security plan which include:

  • Development or Audit of Initial Comprehensive Security Plans
  • Proper perimeter evaluation for terrorist related threats
  • Streamlining Entering and Exiting Sterile areas which work
  • Use of Critical Response Trained Security Guards
  • Staff Training For Code Red Procedures
  • Low visibility operations (use of undercover security agents)
  • Offsite Emergency Safe Locations
  • Emergency Contact Lists
  • Coordinating Private Security With Police
  • Vendor Vetting
  • Outer Cordon Perimeter Hardening
  • Development of Emergency Kits
  • Vehicle and “Walk In” Inspection Protocols (When and Where and Why)
  • Overall System Wet Testing for total functionality

Please email us to discuss your next event: info@onthemarksecurity.net