Explosives Detection

We are professional, Fearless & Intelligence driven!

Our Explosives Detection Dog unit has the experience to protect large and small sites during times of peace and chaos. Whether your facility is a small corporate building, a mass transit hub for rail or air service, or a large facility covering acres of land, we can assist you in protecting your assets.

Our company specializes in dogs trained for the following missions:

  • Explosive and firearm detection
  • Drug and Contraband Detection
  • Search and Rescue
  • Counter Terror Attack Dogs (Terrorist containment and apprehension)

We also sell:

  • Home protection dogs
  • Personal protection dogs
  • Explosives detection
  • Train working dogs

Drug & Contraband Detection DOGS

Dogs have a remarkable ability to detect and discriminate scents. This not only allows them to detect the presence of prohibited or regulated substances but more importantly, to pinpoint their location. Our narcotics detection dogs are trained to actively seek out prohibited or regulated substances in all environments.

Our detection dogs are trained to search areas not easily accessible to human beings. Random searches by detection dogs is less intrusive than other testing alternatives.

The use of detection canines provides a strong deterrent to the possession, use, or sale of contraband.

Search & Rescue DOGS

Our Search and Rescue dogs are trained to find missing persons by following a scent. The dogs will follow air scent and will ignore all interference’s in their working area. This is a very efficient method of searching large areas quickly.

Dogs work equally well in the dark and use their sense of smell and hearing to their fullest under these conditions.

It is calculated that a dog is equivalent to about 20 searchers in good conditions and many more in poor conditions. In ideal conditions, a dog can pick up a human scent from about 500 meters.

Clearly the most effective countermeasure to illegal acts is the deterrent and detection Detection Dog Units are a highly accurate and effective strategy against such attempts.

Detection Dog Unit (DDU) fills three distinct roles in operational security:

  1. Deterrent: Public knowledge that a detection dog unit is assigned to a facility acts as a deterrent to persons who may attempt to engage in any illegal activities. The DDU teams helps reduce the anxiety and security concerns of clients, tenants and employees.
  2. Searches: Utilizing the canines’ superior sense of smell, a well-trained DDU conduct a significantly more effective search of any facility that may be under threat,in far less time than almost any number of people.
  3. Investigations: With the ability to locate weapons, ammunition, explosives and track missing persons, DDU teams help deter violence by performing random searches.
  4. We pride ourselves on implementing the strictest standards through the capabilities of a Professional and properly trained and certified Detection Dog Unit Teams.